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Leigh and Mary

Leigh and Mary both had a strong pull to explore spiritual practices and the art of divination from a young age. They have shared extraordinary spiritual teachers over the past 30 years. The tools and modalities they offer are based on intuitive guidance unique to the individual client. Sessions may include Intuitive reading, energy work, breath work, reiki, magnetic healing, shamanic and drumming work, forgiveness practice and inner child work. 


Mary is a compassionate intuitive psychic, spiritual healer and consultant. Her heart connection to the Divine helps her facilitate the highest and best for the client who is seeking guidance on a spiritual level to release old energy and allow the light of the Divine to shine.

  • Reiki Session:  45 min. $150


 Leigh is a gifted psychic, energetic healer, earth intuitive and medical intuitive. She connects to the akashic records for guidance and support on your life path. She offers
 past life regression in the form of Quantum Healing Hypnosis.
  • 15 min: $50
  • 30 min: $100
  • 60 min: $200
5 hour Past Life Quantum Healing Hypnosis Regressions $333 by appointment

In Spire Reading 

The In Spire reading offers a psychic reading with 2 psychics. Intuitive guidance customised to every individual client. Two psychics combine wisdom and intuituion making the In Spire Reading a truly unique experience. 
  • 15 min. $75
  • 30 min. $150
  • 60 min $300



Aria has been Clairvoyant since childhood.

She is a true mystic who can see into your past, present and future, empowering you to manifest your dreams. She works with your team of Angels, Masters, and guides to help clear and realign your energy field for your highest wellbeing.

She is a gifted medium who can connect you with loved ones that have passed on.

She serves as a bridge to your own Angels and Spirit Guides – with over 30 years of serving many people with her gifts of Clairvoyance, Clarity and Compassion.

Aria completes each session with an essential oil blessing.

Walk-ins and appointments available Fridays.

  • 30 min: $100
  • 60 min: $200

Vanessa Lynne

Vanessa Lynne is a natural-born psychic medium who received enhanced abilities as a result of recovery and healing from deep childhood traumas.

Her gifts include clairaudience (hearing voices / sounds), clairvoyance (sights / images) , clairsentience (feelings), claircognizance (knowing) and spiritual empathy. 

Services: Psychic Mediumship, Empathic Channel, Intuitive Oracle Card Readings, Psychic Life/Love/Spiritual Guidance.

Walk-ins and appointments available Mondays

  • 15 min: $50
  • 30 min: $100
  • 60 min: $200

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