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Leigh and Mary

Leigh and Mary have spent a lifetime healing and learning. The tools and modalities they offer are based on intuitive guidance unique to the individual client. Services include but are not limited to the following. Intuitive reading, energy work, breath work, sound work, reiki, magnetic healing, shamanic and drumming work, forgiveness practices and, inner child work. They currently work as a team.

  • 15 min: $50
  • 30 min: $100
  • 60 min: $200

5 hour Past Life Quantum Healing Hyponosis Regressions $333 by appointment


Vanessa Lynne is a natural-born psychic medium who received enhanced abilities as a result of recovery and healing from deep childhood traumas.

Her gifts include clairaudience (hearing voices / sounds), clairvoyance (sights / images) , clairsentience (feelings), claircognizance (knowing) and spiritual empathy. 

Services: Psychic Mediumship, Empathic Channel, Intuitive Oracle Card Readings, Psychic Life/Love/Spiritual Guidance

  • 15 min: $50
  • 30 min: $75
  • 60 min: $150
  • 120 min: $300


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