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Mary and Leigh- two incredibly in touch souls that really know how to transcribe messages. I am beyond words as I exit my session. First of all, the ladies give the reading together as they work harmoniously to read and interpret messages from your angels, guides, and spirit. Some things I was able to gain from the session.

1) I was able to record the session which offered me a great tool to reflect afterwards as well.

2) I was layed down and had energy drawn out of my feet and heart which was incredibly moving.

3) I was gifted with 2 crystals/stones from their very own shop chosen purely off intuition.

4) Mary gave me a notepad/pen to write out a forgiveness activity that I took home along with instructions to go with it.

5) they checked in via email offering further thoughts and downloads.

The session is natural and flows the way you need it. I was able to ask questions as well as sit and absorb the powerful meaning and specific messages projected at me. With deep prayer and love, there is nothing but good vibes and truth at In spire studio. I left feeling so much lighter and I gained a lot of tools to connect with myself and understand why some things happened in my past for this very moment. A half hour was more than enough, I simply was full of angelic messages and needed that to reconnect with myself, my path, and my angels. Thank you Mary and Leigh. What an honor it was that day.